My handcrafted ecoprinted books celebrate plants and the beautiful places they grow – gardens, farms, fields, parks and forests. I create the covers of my books from paper I print with flowers and leaves. The unique combination of natural dyes and pigments makes each journal one of a kind.

Ecoprinting is the process of capturing the natural dyes and pigments in plants on paper using heat and pressure. The resulting prints depend on the combination and composition of plant materials, the season, the type of paper or cloth and the mordants, or fixatives, used.

I love the seasonal cycles of creating my books. I print and dye during the summer and fall using local leaves, flowers and berries. The cold, grey days of winter lend themselves to the meditative process of paper folding and binding. Each book has its own sense of place for me: I remember where I gathered the flowers and leaves that left their unique impressions.

Ecoprinting was introduced by India Flint in Australia.I first learned about the process from Maggie Vanderweit at a Fibreworks Kingston workshop. Wendy Feldberg’s work and informative blog, Threadborne, inspired me and taught me even more. A workshop with Marta Mouka’s in June 2018 showed me how much I still have to learn.
Mixed media abstract artist Holly Dean introduced me to Coptic binding at another Fibreworks Kingston workshop. Ksenia Kopystyńska, owner of Ars Libri, a bookbinding and book restoration studio on Brock Street in Kingston, Ontario, taught me the version I use for my handmade books.

Email me at peta(at)studiopeta(dot)com

Peta Bailey
Kingston, Ontario